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Optimize Your Health And Take Care Of Yourself

Dr. Sage Campione, DC discusses life with Large Granuloma Leukemia and managing to thrive, not just survive.

Not all stories begin with once upon a time.

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As patient and the practitioner, Dr. Sage Campione (Doc Sage), DC discusses life with Large Granuloma Leukemia, as well as treatment options and lifestyle management tips in an effort to empower and optimize others with LGL and/or autoimmune disorders. This 'How To' booklet will give you ideas and thoughts to consider in your health journey.

To all those with LGL Leukemia: Know that you have a choice to not live in pain, brain fog, or malaise. You can have a powerful purpose-driven life with JOY.

What readers are saying about Thriving with LGL

"Very practical information with useful tips on living healthy, to thrive with this disease."

Dr. Antonio Moran, Jr. MD, FACP

"I really appreciate Dr. Sage Campione's message 'optimize your health and take care of yourself'."

Dr. Thomas P. Loughran Jr., MD University of Virginia

"Congrats! I just finished reading it tonight and you had me searching for the gut health stuff online!

I think it will be a great resource for those suffering with LGL, but also for lots of middle aged women who struggle with the inflammatory issues so common today."


About Doc Sage

Dr. Sage Campione, DC was diagnosed in 2011 with LGL Leukemia. She lives and works in Saint Simons Island, Georgia, in the natural health field. She is a chiropractor and integrative practitioner who practices two days a week in office and works from home other days, practicing integrative/personal lifestyle medicine via Zoom, FaceTime, or phone.

She and her husband are strong Christians in faith, and have an adorable fur baby dog named Gianna. In her spare time, she enjoys golfing.

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